Fun Run Held by The Riverhead Project

In an effort to encourage the youth to raise awareness about our mission to clean up the rivers in the entire country, The Riverhead Project is organizing a Fun Run Marathon event to be held on the last Saturday of March this year. The said event hopes to raise awareness about the state of our rivers today. There is an urgent need to wake up the sleeping masses and let them in on the action of helping clean up the rivers.

The race will begin at 5 am on Saturday, the 25th of March. Assembly area is the concourse of the O21 Complex Arena, where tents will be put up for registration and staging areas. There are several categories in which to register. There is the 3K which is meant for kids who wish to join the festivities. There is also a 5K and a 1oK category for ladies and beginners, while the open category is for the full 21K.

There are many sponsors partnering with The Riverhead Project for this event. Racing gear and accessories will be provided by Under Armour, while energy drinks will be provided by Gatorade. There are also EMS services, including several ambulances on stand-by during the said event. These will be provided by local volunteers working at the EMS Department over at City Hall.

After the fun run is done, there will be a brief program at the staging area where members of The Riverhead Project will give messages to the public about the state of our rivers nowadays, and what can be done to help address the emergency.

This will be followed by an open forum, question and answer portion of the program, to help clarify any issues the public may have about the program of the group. The objective of the open forum is to clarify some issues critical in the execution of the project. The questions will be answered by a panel of experts on hand to assist in the process.

After the Q & A portion, there will be a live concert to help relax the tired runners and have them in a more relaxed atmosphere to wind up their day. It is hoped that these activities will encourage the youth to be more pro-active when it comes to caring for the environment. It also hoped that this will encourage an even more active participation in similar events by The Riverhead Project in the future.

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