The Riverhead Project Hires New Director

The Riverhead Project recently hired a new addition to the Director’s Row when they got Burt Brenton as Director for Corporate Affairs. He takes the office recently vacated by newly retired ex-director Jonathan Reynolds. This is one of those hirings welcomed by the entire group as Brenton had a close working relationship with the group previously as a Project Consultant.

Brenton is a Diplomatic Studies graduate from Cornell University with a long line of diplomatic missions all around the world tucked in his resume. This gives him the much needed integrity in dealing with sensitive matters, which he will be encountering on a regular basis in his newest capacity as Director. His pedigree as a seasoned veteran in his position gives him the clout and bargaining power he so much demands. This will baud well for The Riverhead Project as another credible leader sitting at the grownups table.

Tim Folger, CEO of The Riverhead Project led the welcoming committee on Brenton’s first day at the office. He has since assembled competent staff to give him the support he needs to have a fully functioning office and got down to business without wasting any more time. There was a brief ceremony where Folger gave a welcome speech and Brenton replied with his own remarks about the occasion.

With all the pleasantries done, Brenton got right down to business, preparing draft after draft of proposed resolutions to help the organization improve its standing in the community. On his first week after holding office, his team was able to formulate around 20 or so propositions which will be reviewed by the Board of Directors when they convene for a meeting at the end of the month.

The office of the Corporate Affairs Office is a very busy office and plays a crucial role in the overall performance of the entire organization. It is of utmost importance that this part of the office be kept in tip-tip shape and all things set  in its proper place.

In a short statement during his welcome ceremony Brenton said something that touched the hearts of his new co-workers. He said, “I may be the new guy around here, but I want to assure you that I will be the best leader you could ever wish for, because I will look out for your well-being.” He then concludes his talk with some remarks about his loyalty, pride,hard work and dedication.

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