Annual Company Picnic Set

The Riverhead Project has blocked off the last weekend of May as a special weekend, because that’s when the annual company picnic is set. This is the time of the year when the suits and ties and dresses are switched to bathing suits and trunks as the entire group is headed to the beach to take in a little bit of fun under the sun, maybe get a little tan. The purpose of this R & R is to take a breather from work and unwind for a couple of days.

The company has contracted a local beach resort to be our venue for the weekend. The group has been divided into 4 with 5 members each. One group is assigned to bring the food, another group to bring the drinks and beverages. The third group will bring tents and beddings while the last group is in charge of entertainment.

The food committee will bring meat, chicken and seafoods for the barbecue grill. They are also tasked to bring the sauces and condiments needed for the recipes they have prepared. The drinks people will bring the coolers, beers, wine and soda for the group. The tents and beddings will be setup beside the coastlines as the weather is predicted to be calm and cool on those days. The entertainment group will prepare the program of activities during the 2-day respite from work.

In a memorandum issued by Tim Folger, CEO, he stated that these occasions should be participated to by everyone in the office, as it will create a tighter bond between all the staff members. It will also give them all a nice change of venue to break the monotony of the office environment. The staff, of course welcomed the announcement, as it is one of the most awaited happenings during the year, apart from the Christmas party and ThanksgivingĀ dinner.

Folger further states in his memo “the importance of taking time off work and step away for a while. When you come back from the break, you’ll feel rejuvenated and raring to get back to work once again.” He went on to discuss a recent study done by a group of Cambridge psychologist where the productivity of the workforce is measured before and after a prolonged break from work. The results clearly show an increased improvement in the performances of the people coming back from a prolonged break compared to when no break is taken.

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