United Nations Donates New Equipment

The United Nations last week made a donation for new Underwater Probe Machine to The Riverhead Project. This is in line with the request put out by our office to any concerned Non Government Organizations willing to donate much needed equipment needed in carrying out our work. When people at the UN Office heard that The Riverhead Project was in need of some equipment, they acted swiftly and got the machine from a local supplier at a discounted price.

In responding to the request, the UN Office stated that they are very much pleased in offering assistance to an organization that did so much work for the environment and for the people in that community. The letter read, “We are pleased to acknowledge your request for Underwater Probing Machine and will look to fulfill your request as soon as we find a supplier that carries that model you requested. We are impressed by the work you have done for the environment and admire your efforts in cleaning up the rivers in your vicinity. This is truly a commendable job you have undertaken and we admire you for that.”

After a couple of days another letter came from the UN Office, this time confirming the purchase of the equipment we needed. The letter read: “Dear Mr. Tim Folger, It is with great pleasure that we are informing your office that we have recently acquired the Underwater Probe Machine which you badly need in your cleanup operations. We have setup a Purchase Order and will have the machine delivered at the UN Office over the weekend. We will turnover the machine to you next week, after we have received the item and inspected it thoroughly.”

Tim Folger, CEO said in a statement that “he could not believe how fast an agency responded to their request, which was sent out to another half a dozen more different agencies. The United Nations really outdid themselves this time,” he said referring to how fast the request was fulfilled. “We are very pleased, indeed and we look forward to possibly working with theĀ United Nations group on a joint project in the near future.”

“The attention that our team has been receiving is absolutely overwhelming, in a good way. The support which we are receiving for our projects is such a tremendous help for us to carry out our task in a timely fashion,” concludes Folger.


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