ISO 14000 Granted to The Riverhead Project


The Riverhead Project was recently awarded the distinction as one of the few organizations who were able to achieve ISO 14000 Certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This certification is given to companies or organizations involved in environmental preservation or have a business that is related to the environment protection. In order to qualify for this distinction, an organization needs to meet all the requirements set by the ISO as the bare minimum.

Only a handful of organizations are given this citation as it has a very rigorous series of tests and a very high ceiling mark to reach before being considered for the certification. A company or organization wanting to get certified must have all these excellent qualities in order to achieve that goal.

More than just the bragging rights as being one of the best managed environmental protection groups, the more important after effect of having this citation is the fact that people outside the organization will recognize that we are indeed serious in our campaign for a healthier and more sustainable environment for future generations to come. Aside from that, this gives our staff a specific guideline to follow whenever they go out and do some operation so that they know they’re not stepping out of bounds from the limits and parameters set for them.

The Riverhead Project CEO Tim Folger was presented the certificate from the ISO Office given by some representatives who were present during the presentation. There was a brief discourse prior to the turnover and the ISO Representative reiterated his pleasure and gratitude to the group’s leadership as well as its core staff for being such strong advocates for the environment.

During his acceptance, Tim Folger also gave a short speech where he thanked the ISO for the recognition they gave to the efforts set forth by our organization. He also thanked the staff of The Riverhead Project for the unwavering support they have shown throughout his term as CEO. “It’s the people working here that made such an honor possible. By doing our work the way it should be done, by following our conscience and always doing the right thing in every situation, we have come to this fruition of all our hard labor.”

Folger ends his short speech by saying, “We are at the pinnacle of our journey as an organization. This award is the cherry on top of the icing on the cake. Let’s all enjoy this momentous event. Cheers!”

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