Poster Making Contest Staged by The Riverhead Project

The entire organization of The Riverhead Project¬†are actively participating in a Poster Making Contest for high school students with the theme: “Save the Rivers, Secure the Future”. This is an annual competition sponsored by the organization with the goal of attracting active participation from the youth sector in cleaning up the rivers in their local community.

The competition is the brainchild of The Riverhead Project Art Director Frank Abenson, who himself is an accomplished painter. It was his idea to come up with the contest, thinking that active participation from the youth should stir up in them the sense of belongingness and also the sense of responsibility for the environment in general.

Abenson will also head the judging committee along with The Riverhead Project’s ¬†CEO Tim Folger, plus three other staff as members of the committee. The entries will be judged according to the following criteria: Relevance 50%, Originality 30% Audience Impact 20%.

There will be 3 categories for the students to join in: there’s the junior category for junior high school students, the senior category for the senior high school students, and then there’s the out-of-school youth for teens with artistic talent but are not currently enrolled in any school.

There will be three (3) winners per category. The grand winner for each category will receive $1000 gift certificates and a trophy. The second place winner will receive $500 gift certificates and a trophy, while the third place winners will receive $250 gift certificates plus a trophy. Apart from this, the school from where the winning entry belongs to will also receive gift certificates with the same amount as the individual winners will receive. In the case of the out-of-school-youth, the school counterpart will be given to the guardian of that winner.

The winning entries will be published in leading newspapers as well as in the gallery section of this site. The judges will pick the winners from all the entries based on the criteria given. The judges decision will be deemed final.

In an interview with Abenson, he stressed the importance of youth participation in affairs like these. The youth are the ones who will be facing the dilemma in the future should the environmental crisis be not addressed sufficiently. “This is our own way of letting the youth know they have to be prepared for the future because when that time comes, it will already be too late to start acting. The time for action is now.”

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