Signature Campaign Against Mall Staged

A signature campaign drive is being staged by The Riverhead Project as a way to protest the new project proposal to approved by city hall just recently. The proposed mall is to be built near the Sienne Riverbanks and building it there would mean certain devastation of the surrounding natural parks and the river itself. The project is one of a series of malls being put up by a conglomerate of businessmen looking to expand their business by putting up malls almost everywhere.

The Riverhead Project, along with other environmental protection groups, are strongly against such plans and are doing everything in their power to stop it. In order for city hall to repeal the permits issued for the construction of the malls, there must be a strong resistance from the public sector against it. In order to get this done, The Riverhead Project took the initiative for this cause to gather 1 million signatures in order for them to have just cause to stop the project.

Speaking before a group of local people gathered at the park, The Riverhead Project CEO Tim Folger emphasized the urgency of the situation, and that people should act decisively for action to be taken immediately. “Let us let our voices be heard. Let us not allow greedy businesses to put up malls anywhere they wish just for the heck of it and for the profits alone. Think about the major backlash the community will suffer if this project pushes through.”

He went on to say, “Building this mall will damage a majority of the river system in this area, and will result in the extinction of some of the species residing in these waters. Long term negative effects will be the pollution from the excess operating this mall will produce. This is a double-edged sword that is about to slaughter our environment. Let us not sit quietly and do nothing about it. Sign the petition, I urge you, for the sake of your children and for the future welfare of this community.”

The people who were listening to his impassioned speech strongly agreed with Folger and most, if not all signed the petition immediately. They also assured Folger that they will spread the word and share this to their friends, family and co-workers in order to gather the target goal of 1 million votes.

“I am glad that people are receptive of our petition. At least they know for a fact that their future is at stake here. I think we have achieved what we have come here to achieve today.”

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