The Riverhead Project Holds Fund Raiser

On the 5th of March, The Riverhead Project will be having a Fundraising event to be held at the grand ballroom of the Shangri-La Plaza Hotel on 32nd Street. The event was organized in order to help the organization come up with sufficient funds to support their numerous projects for the fiscal year. As people already know that The Riverhead Project is a non-profit organization and needs to collect funds to sustain their ongoing projects.

The formal event will be attended by members of the organization, guests from cooperating agencies, members of the local chamber of commerce and industry and other philantrophy groups who wish ti make contributions to the cause of the organization. The group is looking to raise enough funds for their future projects as well.

A lot of people are expected to show up for the event, because the group has had strong support from the community ever since their inception.

The fundraiser will start at 7Pm, where dinner and cocktails will be served to the guests. Afterwards, there will be a formal dance to be led by the leadership of The Riverhead Project. The fundraising part of the program will immediately follow. It will be hosted by The Riverhead CEO Tim Folger and Anita Wang, the Public Relations Director for the group.

In an interview with BBC, Folger stressed that the social gathering is a symbolic event, signifying the getting together of all concerned people in the community and contribute whatever they can to ensure that the operations of the group may not be hindered or delayed. “Our group is a not-for-profit organization, so we must look elsewhere for funding. For the longest time, we have been supported by bigger agencies like Greenpeace or the UN, but we have also been supported by local businesses who believe that we are fighting the good fight.”

Folger goes on to say, “One cannot overlook the significance of the contributions of our generous benefactors over the years. They have given us the manpower, the resources, the means to perform our work professionally. Without their tremendous help, we would have gone under as early as our first year of operation.”

He then concludes his talk by saying, “It is therefore appropriate that I thank all those people, those groups, and all who have contributed to our cause in their own simple ways. Again, tonight, I say my heartfelt thanks. May God repay you ten-fold.”

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