Annual Sportsfest All Set

The summer festivities are all set for the staff of The Riverhead Project as they prepare for the upcoming sportsfest during the months of April and May. The sportsfest is an annual event at the office, which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by engaging in physical activities which is equivalent to working out at the gym. This will also promote camaraderie, sportsmanship and teamwork to the participants.

The teams are made up of the different departments, with each team carrying a specific color. The teams will compete in the following sports: basketball (men and women), volleyball (men and women), and softball (men and women).

The games will be played every Saturday at the Astrodome. Families and friends of the teams are welcome to watch the games. this will give the teams the fans they badly need to win the game and give them that confidence boost when the game is on the line. The competition format will be a single round robin format, with the two top teams competing for the championship.

Expect the teams to give it all their best as this will give them the bragging rights at the water cooler every day at the office. More than just pride, the teams are also encouraged to espouse friendly competition and just to have fun during the weekends.

There will also be surprise guests coming to the games, so that’s definitely something for the fanatics in the office to look forward to during the weekends. Some sports celebrities could be invited to attend the games, while some might even become guest referees or officials.

The championship games will be held on the last Saturday of May, and the awarding ceremonies will follow right after the game. The champion team will receive a cash prize of $500 plus a trophy to boot. The second place team will bring home $250 in cash and a trophy as well, while the third place team will bring home $100 gift certificate. The awards will be given out after the championship game.

There will also be special individual awards such as Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, Darling of the Crowd and many other surprise awards.

The purpose of these games is to promote sportsmanship, as well as to give the staff a change in their daily routine. At the end of the day, it is not in the winning that we take glory but in the participation that we give for the occasion.

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