The Riverhead Project Welcome New Employees

The management and staff of The Riverhead Project is proud to announce the arrival of our newest additions to our core staff. This month we welcome 4 new members to the team, who will join us in different capacities and roles. They will become a great addition to our team and will definitely help make things a lot easier for everybody.

The entry of new team members to our staff is always welcome news, as there is always plenty of work for everyone, and most of the staff are complaining of being overworked most of the time. Without further ado, let’s meet the newcomers:

Ashley Malloy

Ashley Malloy is a graduate of Industrial Management from Cornell University. She previously worked as a volunteer for Greenpeace International for the past 8 months prior to joining our team. She will be working in the general office support section as an Planning Engineer I. She will be working with the Planning Team on ways to improve our cleanup processes.

Ashley enjoys going to the beach, eating pizza and chatting with friends online during the weekends.

Rob Newsome

Rob Newsome is a Web Developer Extraordinaire who will be taking over the development of all our web apps as well as our in-house software needs. He is a self-taught developer. His course in college was actually as a History major. He learned web development from free online courses he found while browsing the internet.

He loves hunting for Pokemons during his free time and has a massive collection of them in his smartphone. He also enjoys wakeboarding.

Mindy Greyson

Mindy Greyson is a fresh graduate from Wharton University, where she just got her degree in Business Management. She will be joining the Asset Management Group as a business analyst. She brings to the table a great work ethic and an impressive GPA of 3.5. She will be in charge of new acquisitions and disbursement systems.

Mindy is an Aquarius. She loves beach volleyball and swimming. She also has 3 cats, 2 dogs and a parakeet at home.

Chuck Lawson

Chuck Lawson is an accountant who got his degree from Brighton University 2 years ago. He has been working as a junior accountant with Earnst & Young for the past year and a half. He joins our team as Junior Accounting Clerk. He will be assigned to monitor the General Accounting Division.

He enjoys basketball and volleyball and loves taking long walks around the park on his free time.

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