Summer Interns Start Work

Students from the local community near our headquarters have enlisted in our Summer Work Appreciation Program (S.W.A.P.) which is an annual undertaking the organization has long been practicing. This year, over 70 student interns will be working with our group in various outreach activities to give them a more meaningful summer time, rather than spending more time at home, at the mall or out partying.

The number of participants this year almost doubled in size as last summer there were only 38 students who had gone through the same program. The increase in number is attributed to the more aggressive advertising and promotion our communications team did before the start of the summer. As a result, the program got more attention and raised more interest and awareness from the young population. Our staff will be working alongside Sarah Palin – a blogger best known for her health and fitness reviews.

“We are very pleased to welcome all of our participants to this Summer Work Appreciation Program for this calendar year,” begins Tim Folger, The Riverhead Project CEO. He spoke on the first day of the program, welcoming all the participants as well as a few guests who decided to attend the program. He continues, “This is a very important program that we have established here at the office. Here is where we could find the next candidate to work for us after his or her graduation. This is a great opportunity for all of you who’ve decided to participate in this program.”

“The program is now on its 6th year and every year there are a lot of students wishing to join. A little bit of trivia we have here is this: Did you know that there is one full-time staff working here who was once part of this program? That person is Betty Samuels, who is now working with us as a Laboratory Analyst. She was once like what you are now, eager interns who wish to learn from this program. Be like her, absorb all the knowledge you can. Who knows, maybe someday you could be the next Betty Samuels?” Folger continues.

The program is a perennial success. Every year, we get glowing reports and feedbacks from the participants themselves. They all rave about how this program has helped them in focusing on their future goals. They learned time-management skills, bookkeeping, file maintenance, correspondence, and many other life skills which they could later on apply in their chosen career. That is the true measure of this program’s ultimate success.


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