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The Riverhead Project will soon be launching an infomercial in line with its environmental awareness campaign. The 5-minute infomercial will be aired on national television beginning the first week of April and will run for six months. There will also be infomercial videos for the online audience and will be advertised in most social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The purpose of the infomercial is to educate and inform the public on various environmental issues plaguing our planet today. It will also espouse plans of action for the possible solution to the impending problem which befalls the entire human race. It is the hope of this organization to do everything in its power to spread information for the awareness of the populace on such a critical environmental issues which could make or break our future security.

The infomercial is produced by the Web and Graphic Design Department of The Riverhead Project and uses state-of-the-art animation and graphics technologies. We have a skillful and able web design team who have the best knowledge on the subject and are using the latest technology available nowadays. This will ensure that the infomercial will not only educate but also entertain the audience.

Rob Newsome, the Lead Web Developer who is the newest member of the Web Design Team, prepared the wireframe, storyboard and mockup for the project. The rest of the team worked on specific details assigned to them by their Team Leader. After the parts have been separately prepped, edited and finalized, the leader stitched them up together to form the final composite product.

The project is supported by Greenpeace and the United Nations as independent contributors. They helped in the project funding by shouldering 50% of the airtime rate charges to be paid for the entire duration of the project. This is a big relief for us because we are always strapped for cash and funding for most of our projects. The two aforementioned agencies also help in spreading the word about the upcoming infomercial campaign.

The web design team will unveil the campaign on the launch date which is the first week of April, in the presence of the CEO Tim Folger and the entire staff of The Riverhead Project who will witness the entire duration of the infomercial for the first time together with the general public. This is a great moment for us as an organization, this is just another feather in our cap.

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