The Riverhead Project Adopts a City

For their year-end undertaking, The Riverhead Project will have an Adopt-A-City Program, which is geared towards adopting a city for a month and rehabilitating its water systems, including rivers, lakes and waterways. This year, we have chosen to adopt the city of Dunbar. Although the city has a relatively clean water system, it is prudent to check all the water distribution systems in the area to make sure that there are no flaws found within it.

The group will also conduct house-to-house campaigns to raise awareness about environmental issues which affects everyone in the community. The Riverhead Project will create groups to be distributed equally among the neighborhoods in the Dunbar city limits, to make sure that all the bases will be covered with no stones left unturned.

Tim Folger, CEO will oversee all the operations from the makeshift office they set up in Dunbar City Center for this specific purpose. He has appointed deputies who will be in charge of their respective zones or areas and will report back to him after the roundup is all done.

In an interview with BBC, Folger relates that the organization is working on this project in cooperation with the city government of Dunbar and the people of the locality are offering their full support. Dunbar City Mayor Fred Goldberg met with Folger for the formalities between the two prior to the start of the project. Goldberg expressed his gratitude that a Non-Government Agency shows concern for the welfare of the city’s natural resources.

“We are thankful for the care and attention your organization is showing to our beloved city,” begins Goldberg, addressing their guests. “It is a very sincere gesture which we truly appreciate and feel heartfelt gratitude towards your generosity. We, the people of Dunbar shall forever be indebted to your humanitarian efforts which hope to bring about change for a better tomorrow.”

In his acknowledgement speech which followed, Folger reiterated his desire to clean up every city his organization could reach. “We hope to do this in every city in the world. That is my ultimate dream, to have every river, lake and other bodies of water to be clean and free of pollution again. It may seem like a gargantuan task, but I believe that it can be done. It can be done, but we need all the help we can get. And that is where cities like Dunbar could come in and help.”

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