ISO 14000 Granted to The Riverhead Project

  The Riverhead Project was recently awarded the distinction as one of the few organizations who were able to achieve ISO 14000 Certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This certification is given to companies or organizations involved in environmental preservation or have a business that is related to the environment protection. In order […]

The Riverhead Project Hires New Director

The Riverhead Project recently hired a new addition to the Director’s Row when they got Burt Brenton as Director for Corporate Affairs. He takes the office recently vacated by newly retired ex-director Jonathan Reynolds. This is one of those hirings welcomed by the entire group as Brenton had a close working relationship with the group […]

The Riverhead Project Gets Nod From Greenpeace

The Riverhead Project was recently recognized by Greenpeace International¬†as one of the most promising new organized group concerned with the environment and environmental issues plaguing the world today. With the young group of environmental watchdogs, The Riverhead Project has aggressively pushed the initiatives of the group in conjunction with the campaign of Greenpeace in the […]