The Riverhead Project Adopts a City

For their year-end undertaking, The Riverhead Project will have an Adopt-A-City Program, which is geared towards adopting a city for a month and rehabilitating its water systems, including rivers, lakes and waterways. This year, we have chosen to adopt the city of Dunbar. Although the city has a relatively clean water system, it is prudent […]

Infomercial On Awareness Out

The Riverhead Project will soon be launching an infomercial in line with its environmental awareness campaign. The 5-minute infomercial will be aired on national television beginning the first week of April and will run for six months. There will also be infomercial videos for the online audience and will be advertised in most social networking […]

Summer Interns Start Work

Students from the local community near our headquarters have enlisted in our Summer Work Appreciation Program (S.W.A.P.) which is an annual undertaking the organization has long been practicing. This year, over 70 student interns will be working with our group in various outreach activities to give them a more meaningful summer time, rather than spending […]

The Riverhead Project Welcome New Employees

The management and staff of The Riverhead Project is proud to announce the arrival of our newest additions to our core staff. This month we welcome 4 new members to the team, who will join us in different capacities and roles. They will become a great addition to our team and will definitely help make […]

Annual Sportsfest All Set

The summer festivities are all set for the staff of The Riverhead Project as they prepare for the upcoming sportsfest during the months of April and May. The sportsfest is an annual event at the office, which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by engaging in physical activities which is equivalent to working out at […]

The Riverhead Project Holds Fund Raiser

On the 5th of March, The Riverhead Project will be having a Fundraising event to be held at the grand ballroom of the Shangri-La Plaza Hotel on 32nd Street. The event was organized in order to help the organization come up with sufficient funds to support their numerous projects for the fiscal year. As people […]

Signature Campaign Against Mall Staged

A signature campaign drive is being staged by The Riverhead Project as a way to protest the new project proposal to approved by city hall just recently. The proposed mall is to be built near the Sienne Riverbanks and building it there would mean certain devastation of the surrounding natural parks and the river itself. […]

Poster Making Contest Staged by The Riverhead Project

The entire organization of The Riverhead Project are actively participating in a Poster Making Contest for high school students with the theme: “Save the Rivers, Secure the Future”. This is an annual competition sponsored by the organization with the goal of attracting active participation from the youth sector in cleaning up the rivers in their local […]

ISO 14000 Granted to The Riverhead Project

  The Riverhead Project was recently awarded the distinction as one of the few organizations who were able to achieve ISO 14000 Certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This certification is given to companies or organizations involved in environmental preservation or have a business that is related to the environment protection. In order […]

United Nations Donates New Equipment

The United Nations last week made a donation for new Underwater Probe Machine to The Riverhead Project. This is in line with the request put out by our office to any concerned Non Government Organizations willing to donate much needed equipment needed in carrying out our work. When people at the UN Office heard that […]