Summer Interns Start Work

Students from the local community near our headquarters have enlisted in our Summer Work Appreciation Program (S.W.A.P.) which is an annual undertaking the organization has long been practicing. This year, over 70 student interns will be working with our group in various outreach activities to give them a more meaningful summer time, rather than spending […]

The Riverhead Project Welcome New Employees

The management and staff of The Riverhead Project is proud to announce the arrival of our newest additions to our core staff. This month we welcome 4 new members to the team, who will join us in different capacities and roles. They will become a great addition to our team and will definitely help make […]

The Riverhead Project Hires New Director

The Riverhead Project recently hired a new addition to the Director’s Row when they got Burt Brenton as Director for Corporate Affairs. He takes the office recently vacated by newly retired ex-director Jonathan Reynolds. This is one of those hirings welcomed by the entire group as Brenton had a close working relationship with the group […]