what's in a name?

so many people ask us what the name of our restaurant is and oftentimes they are a little surprised when we say, theRIVERHEADPROJECT. for some the connotation of the word PROJECT can be negative.

for us it is a representation of two of the many definitions of the word PROJECT.

the first being something that is contemplated, devised or planned; a plan or scheme.

as we've mentioned before almost every facet of theRIVERHEADPROJECT has been contemplated, devised or planned. it's in the details. the minutia.

this process while planned in detail is also incredibly organic. the inception of the name was an organic result.

when Dennis sold his other restaurants, The Frisky Oyster and F.O.B - Frisky.Oyster.Bar people often asked him what he had been doing since he then had considerable time on his hands...
his reply, "well i'm working on the Riverhead project."
people asked him what he was going to do...
his answer, "well i'm working on the Riverhead project."

he was constantly referring to this venture as "the Riverhead project"

at that time everything was in the beginning stages, the ideas were formulating and that's what Dennis was working on a project.

a large or major undertaking, especially one involving considerable money, personnel and equipment. that's a second definition found in the dictionary and that's exactly what this restaurant is, a project.

theRIVERHEADPROJECT became the name because it was a natural progression.

this restaurant is the result of one person's vision for the future of an emerging area, the District Neighborhood. this project is about growth and providing a place for the community to gather. we're happy to be a project, to plan, to develop, to be a large enterprise within this community.