An arborist’s work ensures that trees are healthy and in the best condition. The services provided are in demand in many areas depending on the seasons and could be the reason why there are so many tree service businesses serving Riverhead and other areas. Aside from taking care of trees, the arborist job which involves a lot of tree climbing is credited with influencing recreational tree climbing and the tree climbing sport. However, whether you are an arborist, or are simply engaging in tree climbing as for recreational purposes, some basic equipment is necessary to ensure safety.

Climbing Equipment

With some tree species being very tall, you need climbing equipment to help you reach higher up the tree. Climbing ropes can get you up and down a tall tree, but there is other equipment that can execute the task much easier and even safer. One of the equipment to buy is the Lock jack. Lock jack tree climbing is much safer for the climber and requires lesser effort. Other important climbing equipment includes harnesses, saddles, carabiners, rope savers, and Fliplines.

Safety Gear

Falling branches and objects are a real possibility when climbing trees. Though it may not be a very common occurrence, there’s nothing wrong with investing a bit in safety. Thus a climber should get a helmet to protect the head from possible injuries caused by falling trees and in case of a fall, you’re the head would have a little extra protection. There are other gears necessary as well. These include proper clothing, gloves, and boots.